Principle 5: The teacher uses an understanding of individual and group motivation and behavior to create a learning environment that encourages positive social interactions, active engagement in learning, and self-motivation.

Language Arts/ Reading

I created and taught these lessons in my fourth grade student teaching placement. At the beginning of a text feature unit students had to work together as a community/team to create a text feature collage. The following lessons are lessons that were taught prior to making this text feature collage.
Text features- 1.doc (3 4,5 kB)- Introduction
Text features- 2.doc (36 kB)- Guided Practice
Text features- 3.doc (37 kB)- Collage


While learning about the Chinese New Year, students in fourth grade were participating in an Inference unit. The lessons I created and taught allowed students to use the information they learn about making inferences and apply to make their own Chinese New Year project; a dragon. Once students created their project independently, students had to make clues about their dragons. The clues would help the rest of the class work together as a team to make an inference on which dragon is being described.

While student teaching in my pre-k placement, literacy centers were completed weekly. The centers that I created not only reflected the letter of the week but also the theme of the week based off of the reading series; Reading Street. Here are several centers that I created. Students complete centers independently while getting support from peers in their group.
prek centers week 1.doc (192,5 kB)- J/Ways to travel

prek centers week 2.doc (1,5 MB)- X/Trucks
prek centers week 3.doc (268 kB)- U/Subway
prek centers spring.doc (256 kB)- Spring centers before Spring Break


Below are math lessons that I created and taught during my pre-k placement. These math lessons are very hands-on which allow the students to be actively engaged.
prek math 3.doc (36,5 kB)- Counting jelly beans to creat number sentences
        prek math 3b.doc (89 kB)- Place mat to place jelly beans on
prek math 4.doc (37 kB)- Shape and Color Bingo
prek math 12.doc (44 kB)- Introducing the number 8
prek math 14.doc (45 kB)- Fast vs. Slow


This is a lesson that I created and taught during my fourth grade placement. This was the second lesson students were taught during the Solar System unit. During this lesson students were able to demonstrate how the Earth moves with the use of their bodies. This lesson was very fit for all the different learning styles there were in the class.
Solar system 2.doc (37,5 kB)


Social Studies

This is a lesson that I created and taught during my pre-k placement. This was the third lesson students were taught during the Pennsylvania unit. During this lesson students were placed in groups to gather and create a poster that they would use to teach the class about. In order to complete this students had to use their social interactions to create a final project.
Social Studies 3.doc (42,5 kB)